Thursday, January 18, 2007

Global What?

As you can see, I reside in the ARID-ZONE. Originally from New Jersey, I've learned to like it here. Winters are mild. I can ride my motorcycle year round. People are relatively friendly (in my experience). At least more so, than on the East Coast.

This year we experienced some record cold temps for winter, dipping as low as below freezing in some parts of the Valley. Is this the opposite of Global Warming? My trees and plants are burnt from the freeze and I would like an "inconvenient" explanation for this.

And I found a chocolate company that charges a $6.95 premium to mail Arizonans some of their organic chocolate. Is that fair? Should consumers eat that cost? I mean if we give you our business...I'll let you know how they respond.

Wish I had more to say today but my office job is draining my brain. I'm unhappy but frozen by fear to pursue more exciting opportunities. Plus, I like getting to work from home. Sigh...

Till next time!

Stay Green,

Must see movie: An Inconvenient Truth
My latest green effort: 1)Installed a CFL in my office lamp. I love it. It's nice to be rid of the "yellow" and it's bright enough to complete any task. Bonus: It's supposed to last for 9 years. I paid $4.97 at Home Depot.

2) Joined Co-op America for Economic Action

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