Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Go See the 11th Hour NOW!

(See Trailer Below)

I was lucky enough to score pre-screening tickets on my birthday from the awesome folks at SustainLane . And what a birthday treat it was.

This movie was well done. I zoned out a little each time Leonardo DiCaprio came on screen to give his 2 "Global Cents". Is it because he's an actor and not an "expert"? Perhaps! But doesn't mean he doesn't care. After all, he was one of the first to own a Toyota Prius.

My husband would have liked to see more clips featuring 'Green' things that everyday consumers could do. The movie seemed to zip by the conceptual designs and ideas that would make considerable impact on this earth. Or were they the things available now?

The list of eco-celebs was extensive and impressive; Leo being the only Hollywood one. Oh and if they could have just added subtitles when Steven Hawkings robo-voice spoke.

The movie was well done and more visually appealing than Gore's Inconvenient Truth. I.T. felt more professional and fact-based, whereas 11th Hour was more touchy-feely with a few scenes sprinkled in for shock or emotional value. Both movies were effective but in different ways.

This is a MUST SEE movie of our times! You will feel the urgency to act! And so you should!

After you've seen the movie, write your review here 11th Hour Review .


Green Festivals Coming Soon!

Boy, I can't wait until the San Fran green festival. Been waiting over a year to hit one of these.

While I'm getting a little sick of the trendy-ness of how "being/going Green" is lately, I understand that it's important to get the word out. If people love the earth and themselves that much more to make more Sustainable living choices, then everyone wins.

COOP America sponsors a series of green Festivals. Check to see if one's coming near you!
Green Festivals sponsored by CO-OP America

Monday, August 20, 2007

Green LA Girl Shows Santa Monica's Green Side

My favorite green blog is Greenlagirl.com. It's informative, humorous and our lovely green hostess gives stuff away. Win-Win, baby!

I wish we had a Green LA Girl here in Arizona. HMMMMM...Perhaps that's my calling as soon as AZ gets more Green stuff to talk about.

Anyway, here's a fun video about available public transportation in L.A.

(Has anyone noticed that I'm getting a titch better at blogging every day? Yay me!)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sunday, August 12, 2007

What is "Green"?

What is Green? I believe it means different things to different people. For me, "Green" products are Organic, biodegradable/environmentally-friendly & from proven-sustainable sources.

"Green Business" gives back to "Green" Charities, contributes to "Global Cooling" and provides socially-responsible services or aforementioned "Green" products.

For others it may just mean that the company/manufacturer is taking one or more steps to ensure cleaner products or business practices.

I believe that companies who tout their products as "Green" have a responsibility to back up those claims with proven action to avoid the rampant offenses of "Greenwashing" taking place as we live and breathe this polluted air!

Sadly, AZ doesn't have as many Green Resources or Green events as say, California or Oregon. The Wild West seems all about Golfing & excess. No one seems overly concerned about the environment or alternative energy.

Go HERE to see how your state ranks.

For my part, I'm in the process of creating a much-needed Green Directory for Arizona at Greener AZ for those folks here who do care.

A few organizations that stand out in Arizona are:
Sustainable Arizona
Local First Arizona
Environment Arizona
Phoenix Permaculture Guild
Bring Back Blue Campaign